Exante Diet – Putting it to the test!


Exante Diet: 4 Week Bumper Pack

First review will be on this Exante DIet: 4 Week Bumper Pack.

Exante Diet is a very low calorie meal replacement diet that is simple to follow and is safe and effective.

  • Replace your daily conventional meals with our specially formulated low calorie meal replacements
  • 3 Exante Diet products = 100% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins, minerals.

The pack includes:

  • 14 x Chocolate Orange Bar
  • 14 x Toffee Nut & Raisin Bar
  • 7 x Mushroom Soup
  • 7 x Thai Chicken Soup
  • 7 x Tomato & Basil Soup
  • 7 x Vegetable Soup
  • 7 x Banana Shake
  • 7 x Chocolate Shake
  • 7 x Strawberry Shake
  • 7 x Vanilla Shake

Members of TF will be using their Working Solution guide which is a low calorie diet (LCD) that provides around 1,000 calories (kcal) a day. They will have 3 Exante Diet meal replacement products and one low carbohydrate, high protein meal per day.

1 Soup + 1 Shake + 1 Bar + Low Carb, High Protein Meal

So far… The Thai Chicken Soup is…….. bland (but at least edible). We’ll keep you updated on the progress as the days go on!